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Departments and Agencies


Address: Office of the Governor, Bock “A” First Floor, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Bureau of State Pensions (BSP) was established through section 18 (1) of Ogun State Pension Reform Law, 2006 and saddled with the following responsibilities:

1. Proper computation of Pensions and Gratuities for retirees under the Transitional Pension Scheme (TPS) and ensuring payment to eligible pensioners;

2. Remittance of monthly pension deductions of both employee and employer under Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) to their Pension Fund Custodians through the Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs);

3. Receive budgetary allocation from government and make payments to pensioners as at when due;

4. Prompt payment of monthly pensions;

5. Monitoring of Pension Fund Administrators (PFA) operating in the state.


To ensure blissful retirement of our retired officers through Prompt processing and payment of their terminal benefits; and

Attending to issues affecting the welfare of our senior citizens through the pension care unit in the bureau.



Our vision is to implement effectively and efficiently government policies on Pension Administration with a view to ensure that state pensioners enjoy a happy retirement life devoid of agony and stress.


Core Value

Happy retirement, life devoid of agony and stress.


Staff strengths: The Bureau as at November 2015 has a total number of fifty-eight (58) hardworking, dedicated and highly responsible officers made up of thirty-nine (39) senior staff and nineteen (19) junior staff. For effective discharge of its numerous responsibilities, the Bureau has four (4) Department


Administrative Head

The Permanent Secretary: The Permanent Secretary is the Accounting Officer and all departments in the Bureau reports to the office of Permanent Secretary through their Heads.

Name: Mr. Senfuye Adeseye S.

Mr. Senfuye A.S was born on 18th of September, 1960 to the Family of Mr. and Mrs. Senfuye in Ibadan, Oyo State.

He began his Academic Carrier in St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary, Ibadan between the year 1966 to 1969 where he obtained his Primary School leaving certificate.

He went further to St. Peter’s U.N.A, Bashua somolu, Lagos  and C.M.S Grammar School (Bariga), Lagos between 1970 to 1973 and 1974 and 1981 where he obtained West Africa Certificate and General Certificates of Education ( Advanced Level) respectfully. He also attended University of Lagos, Yaba, Lagos where he bagged B.Sc. (Hons.) Accounting. He is also a member of different Professional bodies such as Institute of Cost and Management Accountants (ICMA), Fellow association of the Association of National Accountant of Nigeria (ANAN) (FCNA), and Associate member, Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria. He was employed in the service of Ogun State as an Accountant on 9th September, 1985 and has worked in various Agencies in the State. He has attended many Workshop and Seminars also presented many papers.  He rose to the post of Accountant General of the State on 15th April, 2010. He was appointed as the Permanent Secretary of Bureau of State Pensions on 29th October, 2015. Based on his excellent performance, he has received awards ranging from, Award for Meritorious Service, and Distinguished Civil Servant of the year from Ogun State Government. He is happily married and bless with Children.

List of Department in the Bureau

  • Department of Administration and Supplies/Contributory Pension Scheme
  • Department of Transitional Pension Scheme
  • Department of Planning, Research and Statistics
  • Department of Finance and Accounts.

Name of the Directors;

Mrs. Adebiyi Y.T, the Director of Administration and Supplies/Contributory Pension Scheme

Mr. Sonde S. A, the Director of Transitional Pension Scheme

Mrs. Omoniyi O.A, the Director of Planning, Research and Statistics

Mrs. Egundeyi O.O, the Director of Finance and Accounts.


Department of Administration & Supplies/Contributory Pension Scheme

The Department is to:

1. Manage all her personnel’ affairs (i.e. issues relating to staff welfare, promotion, internal posting etc.)

2. Maintain disciplines among the staff in line with the extant rules and regulations guiding the Public Service ethics

3. Handle matters relating to implementation of Contributory Pension Scheme in the State public service as well as valuation of the benefits of workers for their past services.

4. Monitor the level of performance of the Pension Fund Administrators with respect to investment of pension fund and communicate same to the state workers periodically with a view to guide them in taking decisions pertaining to their Retirement Savings Account.

Department of Transitional Pension Scheme

The department sees to:

1. Computation of monthly pension and gratuity for the intending retirees;

2. Processing of monthly pension and gratuity and forwarding of same to office of the Auditor-General for proper verification and endorsement;

3. Preparation of memo on each impending/retired officers to the office of the Head of Service through the Bureau’s Permanent Secretary for necessary confirmation and approval; &

4. Enlisting of retirees into monthly pension payroll (i.e. New Entries) after the Head of Service’s Approval.


Department of Planning, Research and Pension Records

This Department is to:

1. Liaise with Bureau of Establishment and Training on drafting of personnel proposal

2. Full participation in preparation of Budget/Financial Proposal for the Bureau and at Sectoral level.

3. Coordination of the activities of Staff Development Centre where we have the Bureau’s Archive (i.e. where all pensioner’s files are been stored).

4. Keep and tracking an update record of the Bureau;

5. Coordinates the activities of Pension Unit in CASP; which is Preparation of monthly Payroll Schedule.


Department of Finance and Accounts: The Department mainly handles the following in the Bureau:

(a)    Pension Accounts

1. Preparation of Monthly Pension;

2. Preparation and rendition of gratuity to beneficiaries;

3. Operation of Bank Account:

i. Disbursement of funds to Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) on Contributory Pension Scheme;

ii. Disbursement of Bulk Release/Running Cost;

iii. Maintenance of Accounting Records;

4. Final Accounts and Reports;

5. Clearance of Audit Queries;

(b)    Salary Accounts

1. Participates in the Budget Preparation ,evaluation, and implementation for the Bureau

2. Personal Emolument;

3. Public Expenditure.

Internal Audit Unit: The Unit handles the following activities in the Bureau:

1. Verification of Vouchers

2. Checking of Monthly Pension of Retirees

3. Checking of New Entrant Pensioners

4. Auditing of Gratuities

5. Checking of Salary Reconciliation

6. Verification of Government Assets

7. Checking of Pensioners’ Arrears

8. Auditing of Monthly Bulk Release

9. Auditing of Re-computation of Pensioners’ Arrears

10. Passing of Staff Leave Bonus.


Current Programmes

Refund of Pension contributions to Retirees who were hitherto under Transitional Pension Scheme.

In line with the provisions of sub-section 5, section 6 of Ogun State Pension Reform {Amendment} law, 2013 which states that:

the contribution of any pensionable employee under the Transitional pension scheme {TPS} into the Retirement Savings Accounts {RSA} shall be paid to the retiring employee at once while employer’s contribution plus any investment gain thereon may be deducted from his gratuity”.

In this regard, over One Thousand and five Hundred {1500} Pensioners who retired from year 2009 to February 2013 have been cleared for refund and as well received the total balance in their respective Retirement Savings Accounts from the  various Pension Fund Administrators {PFAs}.

1. Monitoring and coordinating of Pension Fund Administrators {PFAs} activities operating in the state; &

2. Synergy with National Pension Commission towards achieving the goals of Contributory Pension Scheme in the State.

3. Refund of 7.5% Pension Contributions deducted from Retirees monthly salaries hitherto under NO PIN;

On – going Projects.


1. Outstanding gratuity of N10,203,162,294.30 to be paid to 2972 retirees;

2012 2,005,383,900.18
2013 3,474,883,501.49
2014 2,858,218,655.24
January – August, 2015 1,864,676,237.39
TOTAL 10,203,162,294.30


2. Remittance of current and outstanding monthly pension deductions of N9,251,895,214.22 as depicted in the table below:

A. Unremitted Period No of Outstanding Months Amount Remark

April 2009 – April 2011

(owed by Past Administration)

25 N3,834,986,631.86 Both CPS & TPS
2. October 2012 – Oct. 2013 13 N3,072,968,043.66 Both CPS & TPS
3. Nov. 2013 – Aug. 2015 22 N3,725,531,473.80 CPS Only
Total 60 N10,633,486,149.32
4. Less TPS Employees who have been exempted from the Scheme N1,381,590,935.10
Balance N9,251,895,214.22 CPS Only

3. Payment of Redemption Bond Fund Outstanding of 5,424,056,250.11 as depicted in the table below:

Past Administration 2,191,772,258.06
   2012 593,861,753.21
   2013 1,326,384,531.21
   2014 771,835,727.79
  Jan. – Aug. 2015 540,201,979.84
  TOTAL 5,424,056,250.11


Proposed Projects.

1. Captivating Group Life Insurance for all employees under Contributory Pension Scheme;

2. Issuance of Bond Certificates on Verified and correct values in respect of past services;

3. Composition of Contributory Pension Fund Management committee;

4. Sensitization of employer’s seminars/workshops for workers on contributory Pension Scheme;

5. Intra-net connectivity for all stakeholders i.e. Office of the Head of Service, Bureau of State Pensions & CASP;

6. The need to switch from manual pension files processing to e – processing as to uplift the operating system and as well meet up with modern day technology which will totally eradicate the bottleneck/long term delay in processing of pension files;

7. Payment of various outstanding in other to ensure smooth running of the State Bureau’s operation;

8. Synergy with National Pension Commission towards achieving the goals of Contributory Pension Scheme.



The Office of the Auditor-General is an agency of the Ogun State Government that is responsible for the general public service that ensure transparency and accountability in the income and expenditure of the government for effective and efficient financial system.


The function and responsibilities of the Office of the Auditor-General as    stipulated by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 are to:

1. Audit the Accounts of the state and of all Officers and courts of the state and           submit this reports to the Ogun State House of Assembly.

2. To provide Government Statutory Corporations, Commissions, Authorities, Agencies including all persons and bodies established by law of the state with a list of Auditors qualified to be appointed by them as External Auditors.

3. To conduct periodic audit checks on all government’s statutory corporations,    commission, authorities, agencies etc.


Ministerial Accounts Department



1. The audit of the state government’s expenditure accounts by examination of its books of accounts and records maintained by Ministries and Extra Ministerial Departments and writing of Audit inspection Report on the Accounts.

2. Examination of Annual Appropriation Accounts prepared and submitted by   Ministries, Departments and Agencies and writing of Audit Certification on the Accounts.

3. Scrutiny of contracts and review of expenditure incurred on various projects and programmes as well as physical monitoring.

4. Control oversight of acquisition, maintenance & disposal of Assets and Inventories.

5. Treatment of cases of losses of funds and stores arising from Audit Inspection carried out on various government offices

6. Audit of the state government account (Financial Statements) prepared and submitted by the Accountant-General in order to ascertain their conformity with the ledgers and relevant records and expression of an opinion thereon in form of the Auditor-General’s Annual Report.


1. Writing, compilation and printing of 2014 Auditor-General’s report.

2. Continuous Audit of 2015 accounting records of Ministries/Extra-Ministerial        Departments


Office projects


Office projects


School  Accounts Department



The Department is the one responsible to carry out the periodic check on the Accounts of all Tertiary Institutions in the state including all the secondary schools and equally;

*To ensure probity, transparency and accountability of public institutions funds through timely, quarterly and running Auditing.

*To reduce revenue leakages within the institutions system.

*To ensure that the State public schools use the funds allocated to them effectively.

*To promote Financial Professionalism in the institutions of Government.

*To promote accountability and prudence amongst all the public institutions in the state.

The state has 10 Tertiary institutions. There are also 172 senior secondary schools and 172 junior secondary schools totalling 344schools and 130 combined secondary schools.

There are also five (5) Technical colleges in the state. The Accounts of all the Tertiary institutions have been firmed out up to 2014 year of Account.


Auditing of the Public Tertiary institutions, secondary schools, technical colleges and institute of Petro- Gas.   


Auditing of the Public Tertiary institutions, secondary schools, technical colleges and institute of Petro- Gas.


Auditing of the Public Tertiary institutions, secondary schools, technical colleges and institute of Petro- Gas.


Parastatals, Revenue and Store Department



The department is responsible for checking the accounts of all revenue generating Agencies of the state.


Checking of the Accounts of General Hospital, Ifo and State Hospital, Ijaye, Abeokuta.

On-Going Projects:                        NIL

Proposed Projects:                        NIL


Administration and Supply Department


The department is responsible for

1. General Administration of the Agency

2. Handling matters relating to Appointments, Promotion, Establishment matters, Confirmation, Discipline, Manpower Proposals, Supplies and welfare of the staff.

3. Monitoring and supervision of the Registry Unit

4. In-charge of safe-keeping of the Agency’s Assets.


On-Going Projects:                        NIL

Proposed Projects:                        NIL


Board and Corporation Department



The department is responsible for:

1. Registration, Co-ordination and Supervision of firms of Accountant and Auditors.

2. Farming out of the accounts of the Parastatals for statutory audit.

3. Collection and examination of audited accounts and domestic reports of firms of accountants.

4. Conduct of periodic audit check on the accounts of the Parastatals.

5. Reporting on the submitted audited accounts and domestic reports towards the writing of the Auditor-General’s Report by the firm of accountants and     auditors.

6. Any other ad-hoc duty assigned to the department.

7. Collection of revenue on behalf of the state government.


1. Periodic checking of Parastatals.

2. Examination of and reporting on the submitted audited accounts and domestic reports.

On-Going Projects

Collection and examination of submitted audited accounts of domestic reports.

Proposed Projects

Registration of firms of accountants and auditors for 2015 fiscal year.


Finance and Accounts Department



The department is responsible for

1. Preparation of Annual Appropriation and Final Account of the Agency.

2. Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statement.

3. Supervising, Cross-checking and signing of monthly Payments returns to the appropriate agencies.

4. Signing of cheques payment vouchers and serve as signatory to the Agency’s Account at designated banks.

5. Monitoring and supervision of the Accounts Section.

6. Maintenance of DVEA Book, cashing of cheques from banks.

7. Any other assignment as directed by the overall head.


Phone number-

The Bureau of Government House and General Services was established by the Administration of the erstwhile State Chief Executive, Chief Olusegun Osoba on 20th February, 2001 with the appointment of a Permanent Secretary to oversee the affairs of the Bureau. In the last ten years, the Bureau had under gone changes in the area of admistration and structure. The department of Protocol and Ceremonials as well as Office of the Principal Personal Secretary to the Governor which were hitherto under the Bureau had been upgraded and are being headed by Permanent Secretaries. The Bureau comprises of Department/Units which are: – Office of the Permanent Secretary, Speech Production Department and the Office of the First Lady.

Office of the Permanent Secretary: The Office of the Permanent Secretary is responsible for the general administration and co-ordination of the activities of the Government House, the Speech Production Department, Office of the 1st Lady and the general service of the Bureau. It oversees the activities of the Government House and the domestic affairs of the Executive Governor.

Department of Speech Production: – The speech production department started off as a unit within the then Office of the Governor. But no sooner than its inception, coupled with its attendant vital role and essential nature did it metamorphosed into a full-fledge Department known as, Speech Production Department. As a full-fledge Department now, it comprises the Director, the Deputy Director, and various Administrative officers Working as Assistant Speech Writers.

Political Head:- Barrister Taiwo Adeoluwa (Secretary to the State Government)

Administrative Head: – Permanent Secretary

Kindly note that the Bureau is presently without a Permanent Secretary, but the affairs of the Bureau is being overseen by the Director, MR. OLUSEGUN IBIRINDE

Phone No: – 08037197458


Office  of the Permanent Secretary

Name of Director :- OLUSEGUN IBIRINDE


Preparation of annual estimates of Government House.

Maintenance of all V.I.P Lodge across the State, as well as the general cleanliness of the Lodges and Guest House

Accommodation and feeding of the State Guests at VIP lodges as may be directed by His Excellency or the Secretary to the State Government.

Procurement of Materials for use in the Government House.

Supervision of members of Staff including works at VIP Lodge.

Supervision of the catering and domestic Staff in the Government House.


Office of the First Lady

Director: Mrs. Fajounbo  Bolaji


Uplifting SS3 Students: – this program is designed to motivate students writing the West African School Certificate Examination to perform better in the examination.

Uplifting the Aged: – 50 aged people were drawn from each of the twenty (20) Local Government Areas of the State.

Free Eye Camp: – Beneficiaries enjoy free eye screening, free drugs, glasses across the 20 Local Government Areas of the state.

Uplifting Unemployed Graduates Programme: – aimed at encouraging unemployed graduates to acquire one vocational skill or the other.

Cancer Awareness Programme: – organized free Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening in all the Local Government Councils of the state.


Speech Production.

Director: -Alh. M. Lawon Sobiye

Duties: –

This department produces the communication materials such as Speeches, lectures, address, etc. for the Governor

Preparation of draft speeches, papers and others oral deliveries of the Governor of the State

Preparation of draft replies to His Excellency’s correspondence and other messages.

Preparation of Congratulatory, Consolation/Condolence and other messages of the State Chief Executives.

Fact file- Current programme: – NIL

On –going projects: – NIL

Proposed projects:-

(i)   Provision of office Accommodation

(ii)   Provision of Utility vehicles

9.0       Other Relevant data/ statistics: –       NIL


Address                    :  Block D, New Secretariat Complex, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta
                                       P.M.B 2027, Sapon, Abeokuta
Phone Number        :   07006486447

The Land Use Act of 1978 in section 1(2)(a-b) stated that all land comprised in the territory of each State (except land vested in the Federal Government or its Agencies) is vested solely in the Governor of the State, who would hold such land in trust for the people and also be responsible for allocation of such land for overriding public purpose.

The Bureau of Lands and Survey was carved out from the erstwhile Bureau of Lands, survey and Town Planning in year 2004 to administer the state’s land resources as directed by the State Government with the ultimate goal of ensuring the systematic and orderly development of the State socially, economically and industrially. Thus, effective utilization and management of land resources is the focal point that has guided the State’s land policy thrust.

Since the inception of the administration of His Excellency Sen. Ibikunle Amosun CON,FCA, there has been a paradigm shift in the way lands services are conducted. Anomalies of the past were unearthed and errors of that period corrected in an efficient, honest and reliable manner. Lands services are now being conducted for the benefit of the generality of the people of the State. It is therefore, the vision of the bureau to become a major promoter of socio-economic development of the State.

Bureau of Lands and Survey as a pivotal Agency of Government saddle with the responsibility of overseeing all land related matters in the State, conducts its affairs for the benefit of the people of the State. Therefore, a lot of innovations had been put in place towards excellent service delivery as well as optimizing the revenue of the State Government. The Agency has also contributed immensely to the Homeowners’ Charter program that is ongoing.


The major functions of the Bureau of Lands and Survey in ensuring the availability of land for development purpose are:

1. Facilitates land acquisition and development by government and private estate developers and investors.

2. Checking land speculation hoarding and waste-in-use.

3. Making land available for allocation in sufficient, large and economic units for bona-fide investors.

4. Minimizing incessant rancor/ litigation over land.

5. Providing a major revenue source for government through land title documents allocation, ground rent etc.

6. Determination and payment of compensation for compulsorily acquired land as provided under the land use Act.

7. Land surveying and production of maps in the State.

8. Demarcation of Inter-Community/Inter-local government boundaries of ogun state

9. Digitalization of Survey and Mapping of the State in phases using Computerized Geographic and Land Information System as well as provision of satellite imageries and geo-referencing of points on the ground surface.


Current Programmes     :     Homeowners’ Charter Programme in addition to the statutory

Functions of the Bureau

On-going Projects    :     The usual responsibilities of the Bureau

Proposed Projects    :     New residential schemes at Opako via Obada, Olokuta Idi-Aba along

                                       Ajebo and Kobape along the expressway


Department of Land Services

Name of Director  :    Mr. Kamoru Adisa Soyoye


Processing of Certificates of Occupancy on private lands in Ogun state

Processing of applications of title on land

Assessment and administration of ground Rent on all title documents in Ogun State

Processing of Surrender of Deemed Right of Occupancy


Department of Lands Management

Name of Director : Mr. Bolaji Ajose Orekoya


Promoting and managing of government sites and services scheme

Allocating lands at various existing and new schemes in the State to qualified applicants

Processing and approving requests for Public Private Sector joint venture estate development

Deeds Registry-Registration of Titles

Infrastructural provision and management

Provision of land for private estate developers

Processing of applications for Governors’ Consent on subsequent land transaction


Department of Lands Title Ratification

Name of Director  :     Mr. Fatai Adebayo Adeboyejo


Processing applications for the regularization of title on land within government

Acquisition where ratification is allowed

Issuance of Certificate of occupancy in circumstance where regularization made to land within government acquisition has been duly approved

Processing Certificate of Occupancy for applications already approved for excision of land within government acquisition

Regularization of private estate development especially within government acquisition


Department of Survey

Name of Director   :    Surv. Olatunde Ken-Salem Onososen


Policy Development and survey Monitoring

Prepare and describe various acquisition notices as well as ensure that all the land acquired by the State Government for development are properly demarcated and laid out by surveying

Coordinates all Survey acts

Ensuring embarking on control surveys for lower jobs such as Cadastral or Engineering Surveys

Production of Maps for Communities, Local and State Governments

Provision of current base maps for charting and reproduction of plans to be attached to registrable instruments like the Certificate of Occupancy

Carrying out the survey aspects of title deeds procurement

Taking charge of the record copied of survey plans lodged by the practicing Registered Surveyors in the State

Participating in the demarcation and survey of Intra-State, Inter-State and International Boundaries

Provision of Topographical, Route and tourist maps for Tourist and visitors to the State

Demarcating parcels of land for Agricultural, Residential, Industrial and Commercial purposes when the need arises

Conversion of Survey processes into digital or computerized format and production of digital plans and maps within the GIS environment


Department of Planning, Research and Geographic Information System

Name of Director   :     Mr. Jubril Olalekan Lukan


Acceptance, Screening and Verification of various application forms for various purposes

Digitalization of Survey plans

Scanning and registration of all application forms and the accompanying particulars

Production of digital maps

Computerization of the bureau work process

Vectorization of maps and plans

Availability of Business Intelligence Operation Software for monitoring of work process

Acquisition and Compensation section

Name of Head   :    Mr. Adedeji Micheal Adewale


Acquisition of site for government or her agencies for overriding public interest

Payment of compensation to Croppers/Land owners whose property falls within government acquired land

Monitoring of all government acquisitions and making recommendation for village Excision

Attending to Litigations that arises as a result of acquired sites

Department of Administration and Supplies

Name of Director   :   Mr. Johnson Olumuyiwa Ojo


General Co-ordination

Personnel Management and Establishment

General Discipline and Industrial Relations

Planning and Supervision of officer’s records

General Supplies and Welfare matters


Department of Finance and Accounts

Name of Director   :    Mr. Kola Sobande


Provisions of Financial Regulations and other Treasury and Finance Circulars

Maintain proper records of accounts such as main and Subsidiary ledgers, cash books DVEA Books, Personal Advance Ledger etc

Advising on the control and management of funds, investments, loans and guarantees

Ensuring that monies are collected as and when due and properly keep records of accounts

Liaising with the Accountant General from time to time when in doubt of the interpretation of the provision of financial instructions and other treasury Circulars or when confronted with difficulties in the performance of duties

Preparation and Monitoring of Budget, making of necessary returns

Ensuring the existence of an effective Audit Query unit to promptly deal with all queries from Internal Audit Units, Inspectorate Department, Office of the Auditor General and Public Accounts Committee and other such bodies

Accounts for all revenue due to the Government and make appropriate returns


The Bureau of Projects’ Monitoring and Concessions was established in Year 2007 and at its creation, was headed by a now retired Permanent Secretary, in person of Engineer Olatokunbo Odebunmi; a seasoned administrator and a reputable Civil Engineer, with a robust experience in the Building and Construction industry.

The Bureau was set up to concretize the gains of democracy and ensure that all State Government projects, executed either by Direct

Labour or contract were properly executed in accordance with specifications, acceptable standards and are able to stand the test of time. The Bureau has the following mandate:

To carry out effective monitoring of Government Projects, so that projects are executed on time without variations, price fluctuations and abandonments, thereby saving public funds.

To ensure that all States Government projects either executed by direct labour or contract are properly carried out in accordance with specifications, acceptable standards and delivered as scheduled.

To ensure that all ministries, parastatals and other government departments who do not have technical staff can execute their projects in accordance with specifications and high engineering standards.

To ensure prudent management of public funds and enforce compliance with due process and global best practices.


Administrative and Supplies

HEAD: M. Oluwaseun Ogundare.

Duties of the Administrative Department

1. Performing General administrative duties.

2. Performing personnel related duties.

3. Assisting in Inspection of projects.

4. Preparing projects’ inspection reports and other periodic reports.

5. Coordination of Project Inspection Logistics.

Finance and Accounts

HEAD: Matthew O. Olalokiki

Duties of the Accounts Department

1. Keeping record of all financial transactions and tracking all payments e.g. recurrent and capital expenditure.

2. Ensure compliance with financial regulations in all matters and financial transactions.

3. Advise the Accounting Officer and the Bureau on financial management and internal control system.

4. Prepare periodic budget of the Agency eg. Annual and half year budget for good performance evaluation.

5. Monitor and supervise Accounting functions for better and improved productivity.

6. Prepare for submission on monthly basis, expenditure returns and payment transcripts to the relevant agencies e.g. budget, final accounts, etc.

7. Process for payment monthly bulk allocation to the ministry and ensure safe custody of security documents and files e.g. release warrants, cheque books.

8. Prepare bank schedule and reconciliation statements on a monthly basis.

9. Prepare financial statements and appropriation accounts of the Agency on an annual basis.



ADDRESS: Bureau of Establishments and Training,
Office of the Head of Service,
Block A, New Secretariat,
Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta.
PMB 2067, Sapon, Abeokuta.

The Bureau is a Supervising Agency that is saddled with the responsibility of:

1. Interfacing with other stakeholders to enhance industrial peace and harmony in the Civil /Public Service;

2. Promoting capacity building within the Civil Service through adequate Training and Manpower Development;

3. Supervising Ministries, Departments and Agencies on establishment matters such as: recruitment, promotion of eligible officers, deployment of Centrally Deployed Cadre staff, discipline to ensure compliance with extant rules; and

4. Training of Confidential Secretaries at the Staff Development Centre.


Political Head: Head of Service, Ogun State. Elder Sola Adeyemi
Administrative Head: Mrs. Yetunde Dina

Profile of Mrs. Yetunde Dina:  She was born in 1963 in Ibadan, Oyo State. She is from Ijebu-Ode, in Ijebu-Ode Local Government Area of Ogun State. She attended Alafia Institute, Mokola, Ibadan for her Primary education in 1973. She then proceeded to St. Louis Girls Grammar School, Ibadan between 1973–1978 and Federal Government Girls College, Oyo in 1978 – 1980 for her secondary education. She studied at the University of Ibadan where she bagged a Bachelors Degree in Geography. She also holds a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Ibadan (1986). In addition, she is an MBA Degree holder from the Lagos State University (1997). She is a Fellow of the Nigeria Institute of Town Planning (FNITP). She joined the services of the Ogun State


Government on 5th January, 1987 as an Executive Assistant (Town Planning) in the Ogun State Property and Investment Corporation. She served meritoriously with the Corporation until her appointment as Permanent Secretary on   29th October, 2015.

Telephone No. 08027603309





He was born in Lagos State in 1969. He hails from Abeokuta North Local Government Area of Ogun State. He attended Government College, Lagos for his O’ Levels and the Federal School of Arts and Science for his A’ Levels. He then proceeded to the Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye where he bagged a Bachelor Degree in Political Science. To further his educational prowess, he attended the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho for his MBA. He is an Associate Member of the Nigerian Institute of Management. He joined the services of the Ogun State Government in 1998 and was deployed to the Bureau in 2012.

The Department comprises three divisions. They are:

Establishment Division

Centrally Deployed Cadres’ Division

Industrial Relations Division.

The duties of the Department include the following:

1. Appraisal of Annual Manpower Proposals of Agencies;

2. Interpretation of Schemes of Service for all cadres in the Public Service;

3. Consideration of requests for approval to fill vacancies

4. Formulation of condition of service for Civil Servants, Interpretation and application of regulations governing those conditions;

5. Implementation of revised grading and structure, including salaries and wages structure;



NAME OF DIRECTOR:  Mr Kamilu Olaleye


Mr. Kamilu Olaleye is a native of Ota, Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government. He had both his Primary and Secondary School education in Ota. He then proceeded to the University of Ibadan where he graduated with BSC/Ed (Hons) in Adult Education/ Political Science. He was employed into the Ogun State Civil Service as an Administrative Officer II GL. 08 in 2003 and has risen to the post of Assistant Chief Administrative Officer GL. 13.

The Department of Management Services and Training is made up of the following three (3) Divisions

Training Division

Management Services

Staff Development Centre

Duties of the Department

1. Coordinating In-House workshop for serving officers and training programmes for newly recruited officers into the State Civil Service ;

2. Processing Ministerial nominations for Inter-Service Training;

3. Ensuring Bonding of Officers sent on Inter-Service Training when necessary;

4. Advising on training policies for the State Civil Service;

5. The department serves as the Secretariat to the Committee on Training;

6. Overseeing the Administration of the Staff Development Centre;

7. Member Pension Fund Management;

8. Reviewing and approving application for In-Service training,

9. Providing Managements Services: study leave without pay, leave of Absence etc.,

10. Training of Secretarial Assistants and training of candidates for the secretarial post,



NAME OF DIRECTOR:   Mrs. Adesanya Omobola A.


She hails from Ijebu-East Local Government of Ogun State. She studied at the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Ogun State where she obtained a Higher National Diploma in Accountancy. She is also an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ACA). She joined the services of the Ogun State Government 27th May, 2003. She was deployed to the Bureau on 1st June, 2015.

The department comprises three units. They are:

Expenditure unit

Revenue unit,

Personal Emolument unit.

Duties of  the Department:

1. Ensuring compliance with Financial Instructions and Accounting code;

2. Maintaining proper records of accounts;

3. Ensuring prompt rendition of all Returns as prescribed in Financial Instructions to the appropriate quarters;

4. Ensuring effective budgeting control;

5. Advising the Accounting officer and other Departmental Heads on all Financial matters;

6. Monitoring the various revenues sources of the Bureau and ensuring that same are captured accordingly; and

7. Relating with the offices of the Accountant-General, Auditor-General, Ministry of Budget and Planning on finance related issues.




He was born on the 15th June, 1964. He attended St. Mary’s Primary School, Osoogun, Iseyin Local Government Area of Oyo State between 1972-1977. He then proceeded to Baptist Grammar School Orita-Eruwa, Oyo State between 1979-1983 for his secondary school education. He furthered his educational pursuit in the Federal College of Education (Special) Oyo, Oyo State between 1989-1991 where he was awarded the National Certificate of Education (NCE). He was awarded a Bachelor of Education Degree at the Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye (now Olabisi Onabanjo University) between 1992-1997. He joined the services of the Ogun State Government as an Administrative Officer on the 27th May, 2003. He was deployed to the Bureau in 2013.

Duties of the Centre:

1. Training of Secretarial Assistants and candidates for the Confidential Secretary post,

2. Conduct of Open Grading test (External Exam)

3. Career progression programme



Current programmes

1. Year 2015 Promotion Exercise for Officers in the Mainstream of the State Civil Service and State owned Parastatals.

2. Compulsory Examination for Officers in the Professional and Sub Officers Cadres.

On-going projects

1. Year 2015 Promotion Exercise for Officers in the Mainstream of the State Civil Service and State owned Parastatals.

2. Compulsory Examination for Officers in the Professional and Sub Officers Cadres.

Proposed projects:

1. Renovation of the Staff Development Centre

2. Training Programme for different Cadres of Civil Servant.

3. Other Relevant Data/Statistics


Address                 :         Abeokuta-Ibadan Road, Asero, Abeokuta.
P. M. B. :         2157, Sapon, Abeokuta
Phone Number      :         08162048524
E-Mail Address      :

Ogun State Agro-Services Corporation hereafter refers to as ASC was established by law in April 1980 as an autonomous Agency charged with the responsibility of procurement and distribution of agricultural farm inputs such as fertilizers, agro-chemicals, improved seeds and seedlings as well as tractor-services and heavy equipment/land clearing services to farmers in the State.

In April, 1984, two other government agencies were merged with it. These agencies were:

1. The defunct Ogun State Agricultural and Cooperative Credit Corporation (ACCC), Igbogila, providing agricultural credit to farmers; and

2. The former Petra Plants Services Limited, Ikeja, Lagos, providing Heavy Equipment Hiring Services.

 The functions of ASC became enlarged to include agricultural credit services. Also, in May 1996, the Engineering Services unit of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development was merged with ASC by the State Government to strengthen the Corporation’s Engineering Services. In the same month of May 1996, the Heavy Equipment Hiring Unit (HEHU) of the Corporation established at Ota took off fully with complimentary staff under it. All these mergers by the State Government were done with a view to reducing overhead costs, removal of duplication of functions as well as to provide agricultural inputs and mechanization services to farmers in a packaged form at the right time and reasonable rates through the Corporation.

The activities of the Corporation are as stated below:

Agricultural Land Clearing & Hiring Unit;

Agricultural Land Preparation through Tractor Hiring Unit;

Fertilizer Procurement and Distribution;

Agro-Chemicals Procurement and Distribution;

Improved Seeds/Seedlings Procurement and Distribution;

Fabrication of Tractor parts and Equipment.

Administrative Head        :         Acting General Manager
Name                                :         Engr. O. T. Odunjo
Profile                              :         B.Sc (Hon), PGD (Hydr. Engr)
Telephone No.                 :         07034720000



Name of Director:  Mr. Abolanle Oladipupo

Duties of the Department:

1. Supervision, controlling and directing administrative activities and staff of the Department.

2. Treating of files, raising memos and writing of official letters on behalf of the General Manager.

3. Attending the Corporation’s Management meeting and other crucial meetings where the presence of the DA&S might be required.

4. Giving administrative advice to the Management



Name of Director:  Mr. Samuel Olanrewaju Adeyinka

Duties of the Department:

1. Planning Unit: The Unit is responsible for Planning, Budgeting and Monitoring of Corporation’s projects including collection and collation of data and reports for the Corporation.

2. Agricultural Inputs Unit: This unit is for the procurement and distribution of agricultural inputs such as fertilizer, Agro-Chemicals, improved Seeds/Seedlings and farm tools to farmers.


Name of Director:  Engr. Joseph Adam Aina

Duties of the Department:

1. Provision of Mechanization services for land preparation and Technical Advice through Tractor-Hiring and Complementary Services Unit (THSU)

2. Land Clearing and Hiring of Heavy equipment.

3. Repair and Maintenance of Agricultural equipment and motor vehicles.

4. Fabrication of small agricultural tools etc.

5. Hiring of trucks

6. Advisory/Consulting Services on engineering projects.


Name of Director:  Mr. G. O. Dopamu

Duties of the Department:

1. Maintaining the Accounts System already installed for efficient recording of financial transactions and retrieval of information for the Corporation;

2. Preparation of Final accounts and statements of the Corporation for the year and submission of same for external auditing,

3. Rendering of various returns pertinent to payrolls, expenditures and assets to the various government agencies as required.

4. Open of Ledger Accounts for recording transactions.


On-going Project:

Sales and distribution of various Agro-Inputs such as fertilizer, Agro-Chemical, Seeds & Seedlings as well as small farm Tools/Implement to farmer throughout the State. The Corporation usually embark on tractorization especially the FADAMA farmers at this time of the year. We are also engaging in the repairs/fortification of our tractors.


Proposed Project:

To procure and distribute agro-inputs such as fertilizer, agro-chemicals, seeds & seedlings and small farm tools and implement to farmers throughout the State using Agro Services Corporation network. It is equally our plan to involve more farmers in full mechanization activities by clearing their farmlands. In this effect, we proposed for more new tractors and implements so as to reach more farmers in the New Year.

Total number of staff:

Senior           –         96

Junior           –          67

Total                     163


Address: Plot 1, Aderupoko Drive, Opposite Spices Eatery, off OPIC Building, Ibara Housing Estate, Abeokuta, Ogun State.
P.M.B. Sapon, Abeokuta – P.M.B. 2170, Sapon, Abeokuta, Ogun State.
Phone Number     –      0814 621 3328, 0815 894 1633

The Ogun State Printing Corporation emanated from the defunct Government Press which was the Printing Division of the Ministry of Information, Sports and Social Welfare, Ogun State. The Ministry of Information and its Printing Division evolved as a result of the  Creation of States in 1976 during which Ogun State was created.

It started functioning on 17th January, 1977 with staff strength of 124 deployed from the Government Press, Ibadan and mainly responsible for Govern­ment printing jobs. Its objective was to service the Ogun State Government in its printing assignments. The Government was  directly responsible for Capital and Recurrent Expenditure as substantial funds were provided every year by the Government.

In February, 1984 the Ogun State Military Governor, Brigadier Oladipo Diya, signified his intention to make some establishments commercially oriented and self-supporting without Government subventions. As a result of this decision of the Government, the Printing Division of the Ministry of Information became one of the establishments that should be run on commercial basis.

In May 1984 the State Military Governor, Brigadier Oladipo Diya re-structured the Printing Division to become Ogun State Printing Corpora­tion. The objectives of the establishment dramatically changed from service oriented to commercial oriented. On 1st August, 1984 the Ogun State Printing Corporation became established under the “Ogun State Printing Corporation Edict No. 4 of 1985”.

The main objective of the Corporation became profit making. The functions of the Corporation were clearly spelt out in the Edict establishing it.


Political Head

Oyinkansola Cole (Mrs.) – General Manager 

Date of Birth: 23rd February, 1956.

Education:        Primary School –        1965 – 1969

Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls Secondary School       –         1969 -1973

Baptist Academy                                                                      –            1973 – 1975

University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos State                              –        1975 – 1980

Working Experience

Advertising Agency   – Client Service Executive    -1980 -1982

NTA       –             Producer/ Head of Marketing            –                 1983 -1992

ADSERV                –               C.E.O.                                            –           1992 – 2000

Min. of Information & Strategy,

 Lagos State – Asst. Chief Information Officer                       –      March 2000

SUBEB Lagos State                                                                       –                     2005

Bureau of Lands, Lagos State – Head, Public Relation Dept. -2005 – 2007

Odogbolu Local Government                       – Interim Secretary    –             2007

A Civil Servant to 2007 and actively joined politics since 2006 till date.

Ogun State Printing Corporation    –   General Manager  –  2012 to date

Telephone No              –      0803 301 9115


Administrative Head            –      General Manager and Board of Directors

Oyinkansola Cole (Mrs.)  (General Manager) – 0806 378 5911

Engr. Samuel Adesegun Kehinde (Acting Chairman) 0803 376 8669

Hon. Alimi A. Sulaiman  (Member) – 0706 668 2868

Mrs. Sofiat Kehinde Alabi (Member) – 0803 440 8272

Mr. Yusuf Surajudeen (Member) – 0816 580 2289


Address: Block B, New State Secretariat Complex, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta.
P. M. B./Email:
Phone No.: 08035820205

Prior to the Ogun State law of 1983 signed by the then Governor Late Olabisi Onabanjo, the Board was utilizing the Edict promulgated by the Military.  However, an amendment to the law was made by Governor Gbenga Daniel, which came into effect on 21st July, 2008.

The main focus of the Ogun State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board is to protect and safeguard the interests and welfare of Ogun State pilgrims.

The following programmes were implemented for Hajj Exercise;

1. Elaborate Enlightenment Programme;

2. Lectures, Seminars for the prospective pilgrims;

3. Religious and Immigration Screening Exercises and Inoculation of Pilgrims;

4. Processing and procurement of Pilgrims’ Travelling Documents;

5. Processing of Basic Travelling Allowances of Pilgrims;

6. Provision of Pilgrims’ Uniforms and other Hajj materials.


Political Head:      Chairman

Dr. Ishaq Adebayo Yusuf

Appointed 2011 till date



Administrative Head:     Executive Secretary

Alhaji Sefiu Aremu Rasheed

Appointed 2012 till date



Department of Administration and Supplies

Head: Alhaji S. I. A. Sofola

Duties of the Department:


To assist in all segments of Hajj documentation.

To assist in the general administrative functions and supervision of staff.

Supervision of the open registry.

To assist in the disciplinary matters of Staff.

To assist in the preparation of the Annual Hajj report.

Any other duties assigned by the Authority.



Department of Finance and Accounts

Head: Alhaji A. K. Fajobi

Duties of the Department:

It prepares and manages staff emoluments.

It coordinates the Pilgrims Basic Travelling allowances (BTA).

It handles the Pilgrims Hajj fares.

It issues Government receipts to the Pilgrims for payments made for application forms, Hajj fares and BTA.

It keeps proper records of the Board’s account with the Banks.

It prepares the annual budget of the Board.

It transfers Hajj fares to National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON).

Fact File

(a)      Current Programme:       2016 Hajj Exercise.

(b)      On-going Project:           Commencement of the 2016 Hajj Exercise by January, 2016.

(c)      Proposed Project:

Preliminary steps have commenced towards enhanced successful year 2016 Hajj Exercise.

The Board hopes to provide more comfortable accommodation in Saudi Arabia and adequate medical/welfare for all the pilgrims.


ADDRESS:1st Floor, OGBC Complex, Ibara Housing Estate, Ibara, Abeokuta

The Agency called Ogun State Parks and Garages Development Board was established on 20th March, 2004 during the administration of Otunba Gbenga Daniel, the former Executive Governor of Ogun State. While the pioneer General Manager of the Board was late Mr. Kola Bankole, (RIP) took over the leadership mantle of Parks and Garages Development Board in the year 2004 and exited in the year 2008. Between 2008 and 2011 Rev. John Oyeyemi took over as the General Manger of the Board followed by the present General Manager Alh. Ayo Ogunsolu who has been in charge of the Board since 2011 till date. The establishment of the Board was necessitated as a result of the incessant clashes of transport unions across the state with its attendant crisis among the transport unions resulting into breakdown of law and order as well as constituting public disturbance in the state.

The Ogun State Parks and Garages Development Board as the name implies is saddled with the responsibility of regulating the activities of transport unions like the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN), Tricycle Owners and Riders Association of Nigeria (TORAN), Amalgamated Commercial Motorcycles Owners and Riders Association of Nigeria (ACCOMORAN), Articulate Motorcycle Owners and Riders Association of Nigeria (AMORAN) etc, establishment and maintenance of parks and garages in Ogun State, accreditation of transport unions, conflict resolution  is one of the  pivotal roles played by PAGADEB, generation of revenue to Ogun State Government to mention but a few.

To this end, the Board has received enormous support from the present administration of His Excellency Senator Ibikunle Amosun (fca) to succeed. The present management of the Board headed by our amiable Alh. Ayo Ogunsolu, the General Manager of PAGADEB is also a round peg in a round hole, under whose leadership the Board is making a giant stride, not forgetting the past General Managers who had held sway in the Agency in the past.


Political Head: Alh. Ola-Ayo Jubril Ogunsolu

State of Origin              –         Ogun State

L.G.A                                        –         Abeokuta North

SEX                                 –         Male

Status                             –         General Manager

Telephone Number : 08032088371


Administrative Head: Mr. Sotola Babalola Sunday

 State of Origin              –         Ogun State

L.G.A                                        –         Remo North

SEX                                 –         Male

 Status                             –         Principal Executive Officer I (GD)

Telephone Number      08034092835


Department of Administration and Supply

Name of Director: Mr. Sotola Babalola Sunday

Duties of the department

1. Preparation of nominal roll

2. Presentation of officers that are due for promotion at the appropriate time.

3. Maintaining and keeping all staff records of the Agency.

4. Making staff returns for Bureau of Establishments and Training and Civil Service Commission.

5. Receiving incoming and dispatching outgoing mails.

Departments of Finance and Accounts

Name of Director: Mrs. Oguntola Esther Abidemi

Duties of the department

1. Handling of Financial matters.

2. Preparation of staff salaries and allowances.

3. Monthly reconciliation of bank account statements.

4. Rendering of returns to Bureau of Budget and Accountant-General as well as to the State Auditor-general.

5. To prepare annual budget

Proposed Projects

Construction of three (3) new parks in the year 2016.

1. Ojere Axis

2. Sango Ota Axis

3. Ijebu Area

Establish and construct two (2) numbers of new parks and garages with one (1) number in two of the three senatorial district in the year 2017.

Establish and construct one (1) number of new park and garage in the year 2018.

Rehabilitation of six (6) existing parks and garages, two (2) in each of the three (3) senatorial districts in year 2016.

1. Kuto and Ita-Oshin

2. Lagos garage and Sagamu

3. Ifo and Sango

Rehabilitation of three (3) existing parks and garages, one (1) in each of the three (3) senatorial districts in year 2017.

Rehabilitation of three (3) existing parks and garage, one (1) in each of the three (3) senatorial districts in year 2018.

Ogun State Agricultural and Multi-Purpose Credit Agency (OSAMCA)

Block B, New Secretarial Governor’s Office Oke-Mosan Abeokuta.
P.M.B. 2119 Abeokuta, Ogun State.
Phone Number:

Ogun State Agricultural and Multi-Purpose Credit Agency (OSAMCA) was established in September, 2003. At the State Executive Council meeting of Wednesday 7th July, 2004, the Council Centralised all the Credit Programmes of the State Government and vested the responsibility in Ogun State Agricultural Credit Agency (OSAMCA) and consequently changed the name of the Agency to Ogun State Agricultural and Multi-Purpose Credit Agency (OSAMCA) to refleet its responsibility and charged the then Ministry of Industries, Commerce and Co-operative (Micc) now Ministry of Commerce and Industry with the Supervision of the Agency.

The law that established the Agency was passed by the House of Assembly and assented to by the Governor of Ogun State on the 30th December, 2004. Thus making it a statutory parastatal of the Ogun State Government.

Goals of OSAMCA

The mandate of the Agency is to alleviate poverty, promote employment generation through the growth and development of economic activities in the stage by empowering the people with credit support for either enterprise start-off, sustenance or expansion.

Specifically OSAMCA is to:

1. Provide low interest rate credit to agric and non-agric entrepreneurs:

2. Meet and satisfy the loan demands of genuine entrepreneurs in need of funds:

Administrative Head

Name: Mr. AbdulHakeem A. Ashimi

Office: Director of Administration and Supplies

Date of Birth: 26th December, 1962

Date of First Appointment: 1st December, 2001

Date of Present Appointment: 1st January, 2012

Local Government: Ifo Local Government

Present Educational Qualification:

Telephone No.08060910693


Department of Administration and Supplies

Head: Mr. AbdulHakeem A. Ashimi

1. The Department is in charge of personnel and general administration of the Agency.

2. It coordinate the administrative process of each department and lead them in the area that need to do with the rules and regulations of the government.

3. The department also service the office of the Chairman and Board members.

4. Director of Administration and Supplies serve as the Secretary to the Board

Department of Finance and Accounts

Head: Mrs. E.O. Adegunwa

The Department is saddled with the financial responsibility of the Agency.

Department of Planning Monitoring and Evaluation.

Head: Mr. G.A. Bankole

The Department is saddled with the responsibility of providing Micro Credit support to the people of ogun State who are not the public officers.

Disbursement of fund. (loan) to beneficiaries.

Loan Recovery with interest.

Staff Strenght

The Agency has a staff strength of forty six with distribution as follows

1 Senior 12 and Above 16
2. Intermediate 07-10 18
3. Junior 01-06 11


OFFICIAL PHONE NO: 08153300000



Specifically, the Bureau is responsible for:-

1. Processing of all payments including salaries and allowances of both political office holders and the entire staff of the Office of the Governor;

2. Handling of personnel matters of all staff of the Office of the Governor;

3. Attending to all matters affecting political office holders;

4. Purchase and allocation of vehicles to political office holders and Senior Government functionaries (summary of vehicles is attached as Appendix I);

5. Maintenance of the fleet of vehicles attached to the Governor, Deputy Governor, First Lady, Secretary to the State Government, Chief of Staff and other vehicles allocated to Government House;

6. Arranging and facilitating Study/Familiarization Tours of the State by officials of Federal Establishments of Federal Agencies and key National Institutions;

7. Ensuring successful annual celebrations of National Day, Armed Forces Remembrance Day etc.;

8. Supply of fuel (both Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) and Automobile Gas Oil (AGO) for the running of Government Vehicles and Generating Plant.  Hitherto, this schedule was handled by this Bureau before it was taken over by the SA  (Fleet Management).  It is advisable, therefore, that the schedule be returned back to the Bureau for effective distribution and management;