Mission to Rebuild Ogun State

Our dear State, Ogun State, is at a special moment in history like it has never been in its thirty five years of existence. We are presented with yet another opportunity to halt and reverse the plague that has been visited on our people in the eight years of the locusts represented by the PDP rule or more appropriately misrule.

In 2007, when I decided to run for the office of the Governor of Ogun State, I had been motivated and indeed felt obligated to do so because of the abyss our dear State had been plunged into in the hands of those at the helm of affairs. Four years after, the situation has deteriorated much further. Our dear state is frequently in the news for the wrong reasons, it has become the butt of cruel and self-inflicted denigrating jokes and was even once referred to in no less a place than the hallowed chambers of our National Assembly as a “failed state”.

A state that has achieved strings of firsts in all that is noble and edifying in human endeavors began to create another set of strings of “firsts”, except that this time around it is a string of firsts in infamy and barbarism. The litany of woes that have become the lot of our dear state are too many and indeed obvious to all and sundry.

The finances of the state are in a precarious state even when the actual position (known to only a few that tinkers with our commonwealth) is even worse than what is available in the public domain; an important arm of government, the House of Assembly, that is constitutionally empowered to aggregate the diverse views of our people and provide oversight functions on the executive arm has been laid prostrate; the values that used to moderate the behaviors and energies our people for common good and outstanding individual achievements have been debased; our traditional institution has been desecrated and lives and property are no longer safe and secure with the government whose primary responsibility is to guarantee security of lives and property itself becoming a threat to security. With terribly decayed infrastructure and poor state of health and education, then the grim picture of the state of affairs becomes clearer.In the face of these, I have found more compelling reasons to lead the Mission to Rebuild Ogun State and restore our dear State to its premier place of pride in the country and comity of decent societies. For those who may have been asking what has been propelling me on despite the many hurdles, including potent dangers to my life, the answer lies in my commitment to the rebuilding mission and the urge to reciprocate the genuine love that the good people of Ogun State have for me.

In my renewed quest, I am proud to have adopted Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), the party that approximates the ideals and aspirations of our people. The party has taken reference in their glorious past and provides bridge of hope of an even more glorious future. My gratitude, as always, goes to the leaders of our party, especially Akinrogun Olusegun Osoba, and the entire leaders and members for the honour of being the party's governorship flag-bearer in Ogun State.

The mission to rebuild Ogun State is not for me alone, it is indeed a task for all. All citizens and lovers of the state can no longer just seethe with anger and lament the

deplorable conditions of our state and the trauma visited on our people. We must turn our anger into energy and our lamentations into actions to retrieve our state and, together, rebuild it and restore its glory such that the rest of the world will no longer look down on us with scorn and indignation but with respect and admiration again.

"More than ever before, we should continue to join hands as we seek to bequeath an enduring legacy to Ogun State and generations yet unborn. " 
Governor Ibikunle Amosun
While delivering the 2013 Budget to the members of the State's House of Assembly


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