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Efficient Health Care Delivery

Health is wealth, to borrow a popular cliche. It is only a healthy citizenry that can be mobilized to participate in the developmental programmes of the state and pursue their own legitimate individual aspirations. Several years ago, the hospitals in the country were derisively referred to as mere consulting clinics.

It is a matter of great concern that many years after, public hospitals in Ogun state have become worse than mere consulting clinics. In most cases there are not even enough doctors to consult. A State that has about 3.7 million people (2006 Census), there are only 165 doctors and 249 nurses, resulting in abysmally low ratio of 1 doctor to 3,056 and 1 nurse to 1,133 people. Inadequacies of the health sector are not limited to dearth of health care personnel, even basic facilities such as water, electricity and even facilities are in very deplorable conditions that one would not imagine could be obtainable in government health facilities. Little wonder, a visit to our health centres is a sickening experience.

While World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends a minimum budgetary allocation of 15% to health, Ogun State budgetary allocations to health since 2003 to date have not been more than 5%. Even the meagre amount allocated is usually not released for health related investments.!

In recognition of the importance of healthy populace, the existing health institutions will be given a comprehensive re-kitting and retooling, including provision of state of the art equipment, infrastructural facilities upgrade and employment of health care personnel. In addition, when you elect me governor, our administration in tandem with our party policy will refurbish and re-kit 2 hospitals in each of our three Senatorial Districts within the first year in office. These will be complemented by construction of one world class tertiary hospital and medical center in each of the Senatorial Districts that will be designated centres of excellence and serve as referral centers to other health institutions.

Free health care services will be provided to children below 5 years and senior citizens above 70 years. We shall bring health care closer to the people by adopting community based approach with focus on establishment, equipping and staffing of primary health care centers in each of the 236 wards in the State