Ministry of Housing

Ministry of Housing evolved from the defunct Ministry of Lands and Housing on 1st April, 2004. The activities of this Ministry are geared towards systematic, orderly development of the State socially, economically, industrially and provision of public buildings through effective utilization and management of human and material resources.

  1. Formulation and Implementation of Government Policy on Housing Project
  2. Assisting other Government Agencies to implement some of their programmes relating to housing matters.
  3. Designing, construction and maintenance of public building and structure Statewide.
  4. Rendering consultancy services to other Government Agencies on housing rates, fees and charges on housing projects.
  5. Collection of revenue arising from the performance of these statutory functions and responsibilities in accordance with some approved rates, fees and charges on housing projects.
  6. Sales of houses.
  7. Ensuring sustainable management of Estates in line with the maintenance policy of the present administration.
Political Head
Mr. Daniel Adejobi - Hon. Commissioner
Administrative Head
Mr. Olaniyi Kuforiji
Permanent Secretary
Address: Block C, New Secretariat Complex, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta, P.M.B. 2027, Sapon, Abeokuta
Department of Planning, Research and Statistics
Director: Engr. A.O Abiodun
Duties of the Department:
Planning of proposed Estimates throughout the State.
Research into Building Construction 
Laboratory Tests of Construction Materials.
Project appraisal, feasibility studies and compilation of important dates relating to the activities of the Ministry.
Department of Quantity Surveying Services
Director: Mr. G. Aluko
Duties of the Department:    
Measuring site and location.
Preparing estimates, bill of quantity and schedules of materials for construction of  buildings.
Carrying out Valuation for interim Certificates and Settlement of accounts.
Department of Building Services
Director: Bldr. E.A.O. Ekisanya
Duties of the Department:
Undertaking Construction of all Government  buildings.
Participating in the execution of all maintenance works.
Advising on the formulation, execution,review of policies and programmes on matters relating to building projects.
Keeping all records on construction of Government buildings
Department of Administration and Supplies
Director: Mrs. R.O. Jacobs
Duties of the Department:
Administrative supervision of the Ministry
Secretariat of the Departmental Tenders
Board of the Ministry and other relevant meetings.
Personnel Management functions such as recruitment, promotion, discipline, welfare and so on. 
Preparation of annual Estimates and manpower   proposals.
Department of Finance and Accounts
Director: Mr. Femi Egundeyi
Duties of the Department:
Responsible for making payment and generality report.
Preparation of Final Accounts.
Monthly review of Financial                                              
Performance of the Agency.
Department of Architectural Services
Directors: Arc. S.O.S Oladipo
Duties of the Department:
Undertaking designs of Government buildings and other architectural project.
Supervising building works to ensure conformity with the architectural 
Department of Engineering Services
Director: Engr. A.S. Adesegun
Duties of the Department:
Preparing structural designs of projects e.g. Steel, Concrete, Pre-stressed concrete e.t.c.
Maintaining and operating machinery and plants in the workshop and on sites.
Supervising and Monitoring Progress report on existing project.
Undertaking electrical works and installations.
Maintaining, supervising & repairs of electrical installation & equipments.
Monitoring progress reports on jobs under execution.
Provision of affordable housing units and urban renewal is one of the five cardinal programmes of Senator Ibikunle Amosun led administration in his mission to re-build Ogun State. Shelter is also considered to come second after food in Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of need. So, we have embarked on the following projects.
Completion of uncompleted projects in some of the existing housing estates in the state e.g. media village, Ajebo and Sagamu Housing Estates.
Keys had been handed over to the allotees and they were very happy.
Perfection of Laderin Workers Estate Title Documents. This estate was inherited from the last administration. The allotees had signed the necessary title documents which entitle them to the housing units The Ministry is expecting N300 million loan from the Federal Mortgage Bank Plc through Gateway Savings and Loan to continue 2nd phase of Laderin Workers Estate.
Renovation of Commissioners and Legislative Quarters which were built over 35 years ago.
Construction of new housing units at the Legislative Quarters for political appointees which would be commissioned soon.
  1. Work shed Machine village Obada-Oko
  2. Construction of Health Centre Totoro
  3. Completion of Housing Estate at Media Village Kobape and Sagamu
  4. Construction and renovation of Quarters at Legislative Quarter Abeokuta.
  5. Construction Services to other Government Agencies.
  6. Construction of the Nigeria Labour Congress Hall
  7. Cultural Centre Hall (Design, Estimates and Supervision)
  8. Preliminary works on the Agbara Industrial Park
  9. Preliminary Works on the Abeokuta City Centre-former Old Secretariat (Drawing, Design e.t.c.)
  10. Preliminary Works on the New City- Development
Our immediate future plan is to open up new housing estates throughout the three Senatorial Districts. The sites have been identified in the following areas - Idi-Aba, Ogijo, Igbesa and Evergreen Estate at Opako – (Adigbe/Obada Oko).
Ministry intends to build a new Housing Estate for workers at Kemta, Idi-Aba. Interested Civil Servants has been advised to apply online stating the type of housing units he/she requires. This will enable the Ministry to know the number and type of the Housing Units to be built in the estate.
Construction of ten (10) hectares of public housing in all the twenty (20) Local Government Areas. 
"More than ever before, we should continue to join hands as we seek to bequeath an enduring legacy to Ogun State and generations yet unborn. " 
Governor Ibikunle Amosun
While delivering the 2013 Budget to the members of the State's House of Assembly


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