In line with our Administrations strategic imperatives and implementation road map, we have been able to set up the building blocks for sustainable development of our dear State. These are encapsulated under an acronym, I.S.E.Y.A out of which the bases (Enablers) of our programmes and projects shall continue to be built on. His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun, MFR.

Infrastructural development includes construction of durable roads, bridges and culverts in all nooks and crannies of the State, rehabilitation and maintenance of existing roads, provision of electricity and potable water, construction of roads for smooth and easy access to hospitals/health centers, construction of inter-state linked roads for economic development of the State, construction of roads for easy access to institutions of learning across the State.

It is also responsible for the creation of jobs and
employments for teeming youths during road construction and maintenance, construction of chemically treated roads across the rural roads of the state for the easy transport of farm produce from the rural area to the market.




There is no doubt that a major national
challenge to both industrial growth and domestic wellbeing is availability of regular power supply. In our usual deliberate approach, we have taken a number of strategic steps to significantly improve power supply in the State, which include:
++ Establishment, for the first time in the State, a Power and Energy Board;

    • Commencement of Power Audit to dimension the power requirements in the state with a view to determining the needs and improved provision of power supply in phases.
    • ++ The Output From The Power Audit Will Serve As Input Into The Light Up Ogun Project, Aimed At Improving Power Supply To Critical Locations And Sectors In The State;
    • Procurement And Installation Of Transformers To Some Communities Across The State Through The Local Government
      Transition Committees


The Agency Was Established To Execute All Electrical Engineering Projects In The State And To Maintain And Operate Effectively, All State Electrical Projects And Services.

  • Construct And Maintain Street Lighting Projects For Government Buildings And Associated Infrastructure
  • Design And Execute Electrification Projects For Urban And Rural Communities Including Distribution Networks, Grid Connections And Rehabilitation Services;
  • Procurement, Installation And Maintenance Of Transformer Sub-Stations Across The State Electrification Of Communities In Ogun State
  • 500KVA/33KV Transformer At Captain
    Adesina, Iperu: The People Of Okesuna/ENERGY